Caring for mom through her death has been very stressful. I booked weekly appointments for a deep tissue massage which allowed me to have the stamina to get through it. Taylor and Melissa are excellent. I will continue coming while I dismantle mom's estate and go through personal items. It is a daunting process. I will miss these ladies when I return to my home out of state.Sydney Stansbury
The atmosphere at this fine establishment is serene and clean! They are taking all precautions to keep you safe and comfortable. I am somewhat biased as I have worked in the healthcare industry for many years but can tell you that G-Medical possesses all the attributes (professionalism, caring, committed and experienced staff, etc.) of what I look for when choosing a quality conscious healthcare provider/practitioner to partner with me in my quest for my physical and mental well-being. My massage therapist, Melissa, gets an A+. She is Awesome, Amazing and Adept in her finely honed techniques. The Neuromuscular massage therapy has already benefited me with noticeable results! I am looking forward to trying some of the other services offered.- Linda L.
I just wanted to write to thank you and your amazing staff at Gspa. Thank you for going through the safety measures you did and for putting yourselves back on the front line to provide a service that is I feel is so important in a time like this. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am and how much the massage helped, not only the pain I was feeling in my back, but more importantly my mental well being. Thank you so much again. Please stay safe!- RS
As a fellow MT I've worked with a decent amount of Massage Therapists, Ben however blew me away with his deep tissue techniques and anatomy knowledge! He actually motivated me to become a even better Massage Therapist! Great Clinic and Staff!!- David - CMT
I have had a recurring shoulder injury for almost 7 years now, thanks to an active lifestyle and career choice. I had given up on everything active for an entire year trying to get healthy, and was going to have to find a new career path if it wasn't for G-Medical Massage Spa. Working random hours made booking appointments difficult for me because they are usually quite booked (a sign of a quality company) and because of this I think I've been worked on by every single person there. Initially I was nervous that seeing so many different people it'd be hard to make progress, and I'm not one for wasting money. I can honestly say however that I've never had a bad experience, and I wish I hadn't let the price tag scare me away from going in sooner. You get what you pay for, and at G-Medical Massage Spa that means a quality, personal massage with outstanding hospitality. Thank you G-Med for helping me heal, and never making me feel judged.- Chris S.
While searching for a massage clinic closer to home, I decided to try G-Medical Massage Spa and have never needed to look again. I was very fortunate to have Lexlia as my first massage therapist at G-Med. I am very introverted and not fond of new and unexpected experiences so, needless to say, I was nervous about my first massage at a new clinic. Upon entering G-Med all of my uneasy feelings and worry immediately went away which I can only attribute to Lexlia’s gentle and calming personality. Lexlia always greets me with a warm smile and makes sure I am comfortable before every session. She makes sure to know what I want in my massage and if there are any areas of the body that are causing discomfort and pain that she should target and help alleviate. It’s truly amazing to find a therapist so attentive, so professional, and so attuned to what my body needs. I always leave feeling so much less stressed and my neck and lower back problem are gone. G-Med is an amazing clinic. Very clean, welcoming, and the staff is top notch. I look forward to every visit. I absolutely love G-Med and Lexlia!!! Thank you for making my life less stressful and less painful!- Randal Sahara
Lexlia is very skilled in her craft and always makes you feel as though you are her first client of the day. The worst part of the experience is when it is over.- Private
The whole environment at G-Med is lovely and inviting - they have paid attention to all of your senses and you'll feel well treated in every way. Lexlia is so talented and put me immediately at ease. Before each session she takes a moment to listen to any needs and customizes the session to focus on those areas. I am now a regular customer and look forward to my session with Lexlia every time!Mara Pearce
The massage and cupping treatments have helped a lot to relieve tension and stress.
Lexlia is one of the best massage therapists I have had--and I have tried many! She is the perfect combination of a skilled therapist with genuine care and warmth. I also love the peaceful, relaxing vibe of your clinic. So happy to have found Lexie and G-Med!
Looking forward to my next appointment!!Coleen Nakamura
I've been enjoying massages at G-Medical Massage Spa for years now. Like many of us, I have a sit-down desk job with all the issues that come with that... so I need regular help, particularly with my shoulders and back. I need serious regular professional massage time, to alleviate my back and neck pain.
At G-Med, every massage therapist on the staff who has worked on me has been great at their job. Over the years, the massage therapy at this clinic has helped me maintain my mobility and guaranteed me a pain-free neck and back, even in times of stress. Add to that, their extremely nice table-side manner, an actual interest in their patients' well-being, and a very relaxing, quiet environment. I couldn't be happier with my choice of establishment.
G-Medical Massage Spa hits all the high marks and will leave you feeling well-treated and much better!!!Jan Lindner
This note is to thank you for your company’s services over this past two years. I am really grateful to your therapists for their seriously professional, effective therapeutic massage knowledge and skill. I have been dealing with a very painful and debilitating hip injury, and your high quality therapist staff has been essential to my joint and circulation health, and my overall mobility. The weekly sessions make an enormous contribution to minimizing the inflammation, pain and muscle knots, while helping my body to be more stable and flexible.Jane Gabrilove
We work hard and play hard. The stresses of both build up. I scheduled a massage therapy session with G-Med at the recommendation of a colleague.The massage therapist asked me some questions as to the nature of my stress and where I was feeling it. The G-Medical Massage Spa therapist really took into account what I had told her, and used a unique combination of techniques which relieved the stress and worked out the knots. But what made this massage even more unique was that the massage therapist also suggested breathing exercises during the massage. That was incredible. The experience was absolutely rejuvenating.Mitch Guerra
My husband and I have been receiving monthly in-home massages from G-Med for almost a year now. The whole crew is very professional and accommodating. Always on time and friendly. And mostly important, providing an excellent massage that leaves you relaxed and feeling rejuvenated! Would recommend to anyone!Lisa Hain
Wow! I have a hard time getting massages that are deep enough that know what they are doing. Man, that is not a problem at G-Med. I am sore today, but in the best way possible! Worked out my knots, my tight areas, my crunchy spots. Cannot recommend G-Med enough. Professional, thorough, all around a great experience!Anon H
I'm not one to take time to get a massage, but when a friend gifts you the massage ….well, how can you say no? Fast forward to last week when I was massaged by G-Medical Massage Spa...WOW was it great! I felt so completely relaxed and had a fabulous night's sleep. I felt like a new woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!Kelli H
Awesome massage. They know exactly what I need. I highly recommend having at least a 90 minute massage. Although 60 minutes is amazing, 90 is awesome. I am coming backStacey O
So i went in last week in the middle of a huge deadline because my shoulder was locked up tingly and in pain and I could barely stand to type another word. I had a 30 minute (that was all the time I could spare) with Jesica and she was AMAZING. In just 30 minutes she got in there, worked out the knots, coached me through it with breathing, and was generally one of the most effective, professional and intuitive massage therapists I have seen. I am still feeling better despite working 12+ hour days for the better part of last week. Just AWESOME. I am going back next week and totally looking forward to it!Jennifer P
G- Spa Massage Clinic is the best in regards to getting the perfect massage. Every time I get a massage I want targeted areas focused on and I am always pleased with the outcome. My massage is always custom to my specific needs. If you want the best results trust G- Spa, the founder AND her staff are the absolute best! Thank you!MaryLou H
I have been using G-Medical Massage Spa for at least two year now. I continue to be a client because of the great service I receive. Whether it is one of her 3 other therapists or Jessica giving me a massage, I am always more than pleased with the service provided!Meka W
Awesome service. Service with a smile, personal care, accomplishment beyond reproach. I highly recommend.Loretta E
When it comes down to a great massage with an awesome person there is no other place like G-Medical Massage Spa. I have battled some hip issues and lower back pain. Over the past four months massage therapy has done wonders to improve the flexibility of my hips and reduce pain in my lower back. I also experience profound relaxation and tranquility during my massages. You guys must give them a try if your reading this!Matt F
I was recommended to G-Medical Massage Spa by a friend of mine. I can't thank him enough. What a fantastic experience!. In this economy, we strive to spend money only on quality goods and services. I feel I owe it to myself to enjoy a massage at least once a month and only from G-Medical Massage Spa. Ever dollar is well spent. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful experience, your the best!Nicole G
G-Med is 5 stars in my book, I just want to share this with everyone I care about. It is so hard to find reliable therapists whom you trust. I have found that with G-Med and I hope other's give this business a try! You wont be disappointed you made this awesome connection. The new location is a perfect place to chill and get a massage.Deluxity
My massage was excellent! I have enjoyed massages in numerous 5 star spas in different places in the world. The massage Jesica Sosa provided yesterday was the best massage I ever had! KUDOS.Theresa Gallagher
G-Medical Massage Spa is beyond the most professional and highly skilled massage service I have ever experienced. The oasis and ambiance they create is peaceful and calming. Their staff is professionally trained by the founder as they are all incredible massage therapists. They have the touch of magic. I’ve had multiple massages and I highly recommend G-Medical Massage Spa.Desiree V
Thank you G-Med.. Not only have you healed my body through your amazing ability of touch, you also are very knowledgeable and I greatly appreciate your support.Mayra C
G-Med has incredible massage therapists whom are fully trained. They are uniquely different than their competitors because they go through a questionnaire with all clients and they listen carefully about their needs. They are professionals who make your experience exactly what you need. The environment is soothing with candles, waterfalls with relaxing sounds and smells. Just Wonderful!!Candace D
I was referred to G-Medical Massage Spa from my physical Therapist, Lisa Mc Whorter who had worked on my neck & connecting muscles . I go once a month to have a massage & after, I feel very relaxed & rejunivated. I recommend G-Medical Massage Spa highly.Dave Woody
The founder and her crew are excellent. They make you feel comfortable since the first moment you get there...The massage can be relaxing or deep depending on what you are looking for. The price is fair and the follow up helps me not to forget my appointments and keep myself in shape. I highly recommend them, you will love it!Katya F