Services and Rates

Deep Tissue

Techniques used to treat the muscles to target the deeper layers.

60 min. session $105
90 min. session $140
2 hr. session $190

Lymphatic Drainage

Removal of excess fluids from the body's tissues - Improves circulation and reduces swelling. Absorption of fatty acids and aids in the transportation of fat and improves immune system

90 min. session $125

Craniosacral Therapy

It involves light, therapeutic touch administered to the head, neck, and other troublesome areas that prevents the problematic exchange of cerebrospinal fluid (or what is called arterial pressure) throughout the body, targeting cranial bone movement.

30 min. session $50

Sports - Stretch

30 minute compressions to warm up the body while you are fully clothed followed by a full 30 minute stretch. * Please wear loose and comfortable Clothes*

60 min. session $115


Medium pressure used to manipulate tissue and releases tension.

60 min. session $95
90 min. session $130


Light pressure combined with long flowing strokes to relax and help with circulation.

60 min. session $85
90 min. session $120


Special techniques used to alleviate stress, muscle and or joint pain due to pregnancy.

60 min. session $85
90 min. session $120


Customized Massage designed to cater to moms after giving birth. Helps to regulate the system, speed up recovery time and rebalances Hormones.

60 min. session $90
90 min. session $135

Rejuvenate Stretch

General techniques used to warm up the tissue In order to do a full body stretch without strain or pain.

90 min. session
60min bodywork 30min
stretch $145
2hr. session
80min bodywork 40 min
stretch $180


For two in the same room, full body massage, customized pressure with aromatherapy.

60 min. session $200
90 min. session $270

Couples Deluxe

For two in the same room, customized pressure, aromatherapy, scattered rose pedals, choice of music, bubbly or sparking water with chocolates and a foot scrub.

90 min. session $320

Therapeutic Mini Session

Pressure and bodywork focus is customized to your choice.

30 min. session $50


Using Silicone Cups - Removes Stagnation, great Myofascial Release

30 min. session $45


It releases unhealthy elements from injured areas and stimulates blood flow and healing

30 min. session $45


This is for those who suffer from TMJ symptoms or tension in the jaw, temples, neck & shoulders. This helps those who feel stress, anxiety or depression. Also if they clench their jaw or chew gum.

30 min. session $55
60 min. session $110

Foot Massage

30 min. bodywork on the feet up to the knee, with application of Bio freeze on hurting areas.

30 min. session $45


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