Add Ons

Back Scrub:

Gently removes dead skin, which allows for healing.

Body Scrub with Wrap:

Your choice of salt or sugar to exfoliate back arms and legs. After being scrubbed you are wrapped, boosting the Lymphatic and softening the skin.


Local suction is created on the skin to increase blood flow, help with pain and with inflammation.

Essential Oils:

100% pure natural oil extracted from plants to receive their healing properties.

Facial Cleanse Massage:

4 step process that includes: Cleansing, Toner, Mud Mask and Moisturizing while receiving a face massage. Increased circulation and anti-aging (Does not include Extractions)

Foot Scrub:

Gently exfoliates and softens rough portions while increasing blood circulation. After scrub, we wrap your feet in warm towels and end with applying scented lotion

Gua Sha:

A traditional Chinese treatment where the skin is scraped using a tool to produce circulation.

Hand Paraffin Treatment:

Hands are dipped in heated wax to help with arthritis, sore or tense muscles.

Hot Stone:

Stones melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

Myofascial Release:

This helps release the connective tissue in between layers of muscles that create pain and stiffness with skin rolling technique.

CBD Product:

CBD Product to be applied to areas of concern - Product is: The CBD Clinic - It contains 100MG CBD along with 7% Menthol & 5% Camphor.

Scalp Treatment:

Products used to add nutrients to your scalp and open up clogged follicles.