Sports Massage is for Everyone

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete or even compete in a professional way of any kind to be able to enjoy the benefits of sports massage.  Anyone who is physically active will experience an improvment in performance, a speedier recovery time and both the reduction of pain and injury by participating in regular massage therapy.

Massage helps promote healthy functions in the cardiovascular system and the muscular system as well as having beneficial psychological effects.  Massage reduces tension and stress and promotes relaxation.  These conditions are ideal for optimum athletic performance.  

Generally a "sports massage" is equivalent to a deep tissue massage.  It is designed to get deep into your muscles to relieve knots and tension.  It might not be the most comfortable massage, but it is rewarding.  It can leave you sore, even bruised at times.  Know what to expect.

Schedule your massage for three to five days before or after any big events or competitions for maximu effectiveness.  Once a week or every other week are recommended for those who are in training.  Make sure you don't forget to drink lots of water!