Senior Massage

As we go through life, our bodies endure the wear and tear that comes with fast paced lifestyles and age. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more time it takes to recuperate from injury, strain, and illness. If we do not care for our bodies with regular exercise, healthy diet and stress management, these things may take even longer or even become chronic. With age, cells gradually lose their ability to function, multiply, and can even begin functioning abnormally. Since cells make up all of the body’s anatomy, we can see changes in muscle, nerve, and organ operation. For example, muscles may gradually lose their elasticity with age and are less likely to build that flexibility again. Immobility can even lead to muscle atrophy, which is where cells shrink in size so much that the organ or muscle loses its ability to work at all.

Another prominent change in your body over time is the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. Over time, your blood vessels and arteries stiffen. In addition, your resting heart rate becomes slower than what it was at a younger age. These two effects of aging produce less blood pumped throughout your body overall.
There are many specific benefits from massage for elderly people. Relief of chronic stress and anxiety, easing joint and muscle pain, improving muscle flexibility, and body detoxification can all benefit the aging individual. Massage also improves circulation, which when paired with regular exercise, can aid in assisting in the aging cardiovascular system. Sharon Puztko even notes that geriatric massage has had positive effects on patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

One can achieve the greatest life-long benefits the earlier they begin receiving regular massage therapy. However, it is never too late to start! Call G-Spa Massage Clinic today to set up your appointment. There are many qualified therapists that are able to assist you with your specific needs.

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