Massage Can Help With Holiday Stress

Stressed IS Desserts Stressed IS Desserts

The holidays – as wonderful as they can be – are also a very stressful time of year for many people.  Stress affects your body in many more ways than you might imagine!  Stress lowers your immunity making you more susceptible to a winter cold or the flu.  Stress elevates your blood pressure, plays a role in anxiety, depression and panic/mood disorders, and can even contribute to postural imbalances.  Perhaps one of the most concerning effects of stress is what it does to your endocrine system.  It can cause such a powerful imbalance in hormones that regulate your bodily functions that your adrenal glands go through stages of degeneration resulting in a range of side effects such as sleep disturbances, weight gain, digestive issues, fatigue, loss of sex drive, joint pain and memory loss.

Massage therapy is a perfect solution in helping reduce stress in your life. It slows down your heart rate which lowers your blood pressure and in turn slows down your breathing.  It empties your mind and releases tight and overworked muscles allowing the stress to flow out of you.

G-Spa Massage Clinic LLC combines a combination of therapeutic and deep tissue massage with gentle stretches to help you combat stress.  In addition, G-Spa uses hot and cold therapy during the session along with preventative care homework to continue your journey of health and wellness.  Our client, Anna P. had this to say about our techniques, “I was very stressed out before my run this weekend (10K Saturday followed by a half marathon Sunday) so I went to G-Spa Massage Clinic to get a knot-removing, stress-busting deep tissue massage. Not only did the massage help me get physically prepared, the positive attitude and encouragement helped me fight mentally through those long hot miles. Thanks so much G-Spa!”

Make sure you make massage part of your self-care routine this month!