Long Beach Massage December Blog

December and the holidays have you stressed out? You aren’t the only one! Holiday season brings so many extra demands to our everyday lives. Traffic increases, weather becomes unpredictable, your kids have concerts and events and tests, you have to work overtime, the list goes on! On top of that, preparing for the holiday meals and gift giving can over-stress anyone!

Despite the potential financial hardships of giving, volunteering, donating, and gifting has been shown to lower blood pressure, stress levels, and promote greater happiness and self-esteem! Giving activates certain chemicals in our brains that make us feel good, such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin! In addition, it also can release endorphins! What’s not to love?

Worried about finances? I don’t blame you. Christmas is an extremely expensive holiday, and shopping for it can make it even more of a drag when everyone else is doing their shopping as well. Think about crafting your own gifts, or giving smaller gifts.

During these highly stressful times as well as the beginning of the cold and flu season, it is important to increase self-care and stress reduction. However, healthy lifestyle list of 2017 has room for one more: giving!

Drinking herbal tea
Sleeping consistently and well
Eating well and avoiding excess sugar, fat, alcohol and caffeine
Taking immunity supplements or products such as multi-vitamins, oranges, and garlic
Don’t forget to continue to take care of yourself during the holidays so you can enjoy them to the fullest!
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Written by Malila Hollow