Drop the Droop

Posture Posture

A new year means a chance to start fresh.  It means a burst of new resolve.  It’s all about making resolutions or getting back to those things that we know are good for us and that we sometimes lose sight of along the way.

Not too many of you probably put “improve my posture” at the top of your list but maybe you didn’t realize how important it is.  Most people are not aware of how much bad posture actually contributes to being and feeling unhealthy.

Did you know that straightening up your posture can actually improve your mood and fight depression leading to an increase in energy? Good posture involves facing forward, keeping your head centered over your shoulders and lifting your head along with good back support when sitting.

Poor posture can actually affect the way that people perceive you which can have detrimental effects on your career, not to mention your social life.  It makes you appear heavier, contributes to constipation and can even lead to an earlier grave.

Slouching cuts off your circulation which can increase blood pressure and the risk of varicose veins.  Open shoulders and straight spines help improve the flow of oxygen into your body and allows you to breathe more deeply.

Good posture and massage therapy go hand in hand.  Regular massage opens up and relaxes tight muscles.  It allows the body to fall into proper alignment making good posture more natural.  It decreases pain which can cause you to contort and overcompensate with other body parts which in turn leads to poor posture.  It also opens up air flow into the lungs which allows the ribs to properly move for inhalation and exhalation.

Be sure to be conscious of your posture starting today.