Better Birthing with Massage

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Pregnancy changes a woman’s body and her life forever.  Undeniably the greatest positive to pregnancy is that little bundle of joy that arrives, changing the way we see the world as we see things anew through the eyes of a child and experience the magic of being a parent.  Pregnancy, although a wonderful and memorable experience for many also comes with its share of undesirable side effects including headaches, morning sickness, leg cramping, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, swelling and backaches.

Massage therapy is a great way to help mothers-to-be deal with side effects that come with each trimester of pregnancy and help create a smoother journey all the way up to the due date.  In addition to helping with the physical stresses, massage is a terrific way to pamper an expectant mother.

In the first trimester, massage is especially helpful in relieving headaches, reducing fatigue and helping to combat morning sickness.  Diet plays a large part in alleviating morning sickness as well.  Please feel free to ask if you need some assistance with your pregnancy food plan.

The second trimester is when the back really starts to feel the extra strain of pregnancy and massage can help tremendously with that as well as relieving leg cramping that comes along with it.

In the final and third trimester, a woman is feeling the full physical effects in all of her body.  Massage therapy not only prepares pelvic muscles for the birth process but it reduces swelling and edema and assists with better sleep in addition to the benefits already mentioned.

Getting regular massages throughout your entire pregnancy will help stimulate blood flow and increase flexibility as well as muscle tone helping to prevent leg cramps and muscle spasms.  In addition, massage helps reduce anxiety, fight depression and studies have shown that it improves labor outcomes and health of newborns.  G-Spa Massage Therapy is trained and experienced to provide the very best in prenatal massage.