The Benefits of Massage on Scar Tissue

We all have scars, either externally or internally, and massage can help with both. Not to say massage can make either disappear but it can help make the scar less painful, literally and figuratively. But for this post we are going to focus on the external type scar, namely Scar Tissue.

Scar tissue occurs when collagen fibers form over an injury during the healing process. Sometimes these fibers grow in all directions, causing scars to appear darker and more pronounced. While the body’s formation of scar tissue is an awesome demonstration of self-preservation, the resulting fibrous mass can set the stage for problems down the road. In addition to the physical limitations, the lack of blood flow and lymph drainage occurring in scar tissue makes it vulnerable to dysfunction. In fact, some professionals believe that scar tissue is the root of a majority of physical imbalances. Bodyworkers addressing scar tissue early in its development can help minimize any of the preceding secondary scar tissue problems.

Massage therapy can help to reduce scar appearance and formation. By increasing blood circulation, massage therapists say massage speeds the healing process and prevents the scar from re-opening by remaining pliable. Massage therapy can be performed during the initial stages of wound recovery, it is imperative that a gentle approach be taken.

A massage therapist, always keep in mind that scar tissue may be at the root of the physical imbalance. Not only can you minimize a scar’s appearance with bodywork, yet you can therapeutically correct the cause of your client’s physical ailments.