Prostate Health

In celebration of Movember, it’s men’s health month! Prostate health is not nearly talked about as much as it should be, because sometimes prostate cancer and other issues exist in the shadow of Breast Cancer. However, prostate cancer is an equally important issue of health.

Prostates are prone to 3 common types of disorders: infection or inflammation in the prostate (prostatitis), prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia), and prostate cancer. While all of these can occur at any age, prostate enlargement is primarily age induced and can obstruct the flow of urine from the urethra. It is important to receive regular checks for prostate cancer if you believe you are at a higher risk for developing cancer. Harvard Healthline suggests that men 55 and older begin to receive screenings, but emphasizes that invasive testings are not always required.

Regular ejaculation has been speculated to prevent prostate cancer. Michael Leitzmann, M.D. suggests that ejaculation occurring 20 or more times a month can help aid prostate health in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise.

Prostate massage has also been observed to help aid prostate health. With prostate massage, ejaculation and urination processes have been shown to improve. While it may not be an option for everyone (it is much like rectal exam), it could be a non-medicinal way to help aid in chronic prostate problems because it has been shown to clear the prostatic duct. With the clearing of excess fluids, the negative symptoms you are experiencing may improve.

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Written by: Malila Hollow