Menopause and your body

 Many women cringe at the mention of menopause...


It’s infamy as a shift from fertility to post-menopause, causing a myriad of unpleasant and inconvenient physical symptoms is why most women don’t welcome it with open arms. Unfortunately, every woman will have to go through menopause at some point, and G-Spa Massage is here to inform you of some great techniques to manage your physical and emotional symptoms, as well as provide support during the tumultuous hormonal time.

 According to Mayoclinic, menopause is “defined as occurring 12 months after your last menstrual period and marks the end of menstrual cycles.” This process occurs at a different point in every woman’s life. It may start as early as 40, but on average begins around age 50. Women can also experience an extended period called perimenopause, which is when the ovaries gradually begin to produce less estrogen.

    Menopause comes with many physical and emotional symptoms, the most well-known being hot flashes, mood changes, headaches, and weight gain. Menopause can also cause a variety of emotional symptoms, such as anxiety and feelings of sadness and loss. These emotional symptoms are caused by hormonal changes and fluctuations, however menopause is also symbolic (and quite literally) the end of a woman’s reproductive time on Earth, which can lead to feelings of sadness, loss and anxiety. 

The good news is that massage therapy can help to alleviate headaches, help to regulate the body’s fluid balance, and assists in re-balancing hormone levels- all of which may need attention during menopause. Last month’s blog spoke a little about how massage can lower cortisol and increase serotonin. This can be quite beneficial for menopausal and peri-menopausal women because the reduction of cortisol can lead to less anxiety.


Certain massage techniques can be employed to help balance hormones. Cranial-Sacral Therapy, or CST, can help “rebalance energy and the physical body during pregnancy, postpartum and menopause, relieving stress and any residual memories of trauma.” Reflexology and Aromatherapy can also help to reduce stress and reset the body in times of stress.

Maintaining healthy habits leads to building stamina to endure life’s ups and downs. Menopause is something not to take lightly. Staying hydrated, rebalancing hormones, and relieving stress through massage therapy definitely decreases the severity of menopause and makes it much more manageable for women enduring the extra stress.