Massage Therapy Reduces Autism Severity

Massage Therapy Reduces Autism Severity Massage Therapy Reduces Autism Severity

Autism is a spectrum disorder of developmental disabilities which can impair the ability to communicate and interact with other humans.  Generally someone with autism displays repetitive behaviors and social difficulties among other things.  People with autism also possess many wonderful abilities and strengths.  Those with autism are generally honest and live without judgement toward other human beings.  They are passionate and have the ability to live in the moment.  Many of them are highly intelligent and have terrific memories.  Each person with autism is different.

April is National Autism Awareness Month in the USA with April 2nd being World Autism Day.  The campaign features the color blue and a lightbulb logo along with the autism puzzle pieces to fight to bring awareness to this condition that affects so many but is largely misunderstood.

There are many theories on what causes autism and there are dozens of treatments but no known cure.  It is estimated that as many as 1 in 68 children identify somewhere on the autism scale.

It is a scientific fact that children who are touched more are healthier and are more likely to thrive than their counterparts who are not held.  Children with autism can be sensitive to touch and therefore it can be difficult for them to accept this powerful form of human interaction.  Firm therapeutic massage can be a very effective approach for treating autism.  Not only is it a human connection but it helps relieve a lot of the physical and mental ailments that come along with autism.  Moderate to deeper pressure massage has been found to help relax patients and ground their hyperactive and sensitive natures.  Massage helps teach autistic children that touch can be a good and positive force in their lives.  Children with autism who receive regular massage show less autistic behavior and improved language and social skills.

In addition, massage can be especially effective when helping caregivers of those with autism to let go of some of the stresses that they carry in this very important role.

Massage is not a cure for autism but it can provide a noticeable improvement in quality of life as well as helping patients to have the ability to relax and communicate more effectively.  Giovanna Spata, owner of G-Spa Massage Clinic, has a heart for those with disabilities and the experience and gift of being able to comfortably treat those with autism.  If someone you love has autism she would love to help them.