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Sports Massage is for Everyone

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete or even compete in a professional way of any kind to be able to enjoy the benefits of sports massage.  Anyone who is physically active will experience an improvment in performance, a speedier recovery time and both the reduction of pain and injury by participating in regular massage therapy.

Massage helps promote healthy functions in the cardiovascular system and the muscular system as well as having beneficial psychological effects.  Massage reduces tension and stress and promotes relaxation.  These conditions are ideal for optimum athletic performance.  

Generally a "sports massage" is equivalent to a deep tissue massage.  It is designed to get deep into your muscles to relieve knots and tension.  It might not be the most comfortable massage, but it is rewarding.  It can leave you sore, even bruised at times.  Know what to expect.

Schedule your massage for three to five days before or after any big events or competitions for maximu effectiveness.  Once a week or every other week are recommended for those who are in training.  Make sure you don't forget to drink lots of water!


Chair Massage Reduces Workplace Stress

All across the country in every type of industry, chair massage can be used as an incentive and as a stress management tool as competitive times call for longer hours and heavier loads for employees at every level.

Sitting or standing for prolonged periods can cause back pain, repetitive motions can cause injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and each job may offer its own unique set of stresses both physical and mental.  A massage for as little as ten to twenty minutes, offered at your place of employment, can relieve tension in the shoulders, neck and back, lift morale, reduce stress and irritability  and elevate moods.

Studies show that the benefits of a “stress-buster” chair massage are quick and beneficial.  Not only does the employee experience the side effects listed above but alertness is heightened and performance is better resulting in quicker, more accurate results.  Considering that job stress costs the economy in the United States more than $200 billion annually through multiple methods including diminished productivity, this is good news.   It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Chair massage combines acupressure and Swedish massage, beginning at a slow pace and ending with quick revitalizing strokes in order to restore full awareness and energy.

G-Spa Massage Clinic offers on the spot chair massages performed at your work place.  Employees are seated upright and remain fully clothed.  No oils are used and they are able to immediately return to work.  The chair is lightweight and portable and can be set up in any office or room that is available.  Our trained massage therapists will demonstrate the proper posture while on the chair and the method for getting on and off the chair should some of your employees not be familiar with its use.

If your employees are over-stressed and you would like to reward them after a demanding project or just to say thank you for their everyday efforts, book a day of chair massage and you will all reap the benefits.


Massage Therapy Reduces Autism Severity

Autism is a spectrum disorder of developmental disabilities which can impair the ability to communicate and interact with other humans.  Generally someone with autism displays repetitive behaviors and social difficulties among other things.  People with autism also possess many wonderful abilities and strengths.  Those with autism are generally honest and live without judgement toward other human beings.  They are passionate and have the ability to live in the moment.  Many of them are highly intelligent and have terrific memories.  Each person with autism is different.

April is National Autism Awareness Month in the USA with April 2nd being World Autism Day.  The campaign features the color blue and a lightbulb logo along with the autism puzzle pieces to fight to bring awareness to this condition that affects so many but is largely misunderstood.

There are many theories on what causes autism and there are dozens of treatments but no known cure.  It is estimated that as many as 1 in 68 children identify somewhere on the autism scale.

It is a scientific fact that children who are touched more are healthier and are more likely to thrive than their counterparts who are not held.  Children with autism can be sensitive to touch and therefore it can be difficult for them to accept this powerful form of human interaction.  Firm therapeutic massage can be a very effective approach for treating autism.  Not only is it a human connection but it helps relieve a lot of the physical and mental ailments that come along with autism.  Moderate to deeper pressure massage has been found to help relax patients and ground their hyperactive and sensitive natures.  Massage helps teach autistic children that touch can be a good and positive force in their lives.  Children with autism who receive regular massage show less autistic behavior and improved language and social skills.

In addition, massage can be especially effective when helping caregivers of those with autism to let go of some of the stresses that they carry in this very important role.

Massage is not a cure for autism but it can provide a noticeable improvement in quality of life as well as helping patients to have the ability to relax and communicate more effectively.  Giovanna Spata, owner of G-Spa Massage Clinic, has a heart for those with disabilities and the experience and gift of being able to comfortably treat those with autism.  If someone you love has autism she would love to help them.


Better Birthing with Massage

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body and her life forever.  Undeniably the greatest positive to pregnancy is that little bundle of joy that arrives, changing the way we see the world as we see things anew through the eyes of a child and experience the magic of being a parent.  Pregnancy, although a wonderful and memorable experience for many also comes with its share of undesirable side effects including headaches, morning sickness, leg cramping, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, swelling and backaches.

Massage therapy is a great way to help mothers-to-be deal with side effects that come with each trimester of pregnancy and help create a smoother journey all the way up to the due date.  In addition to helping with the physical stresses, massage is a terrific way to pamper an expectant mother.

In the first trimester, massage is especially helpful in relieving headaches, reducing fatigue and helping to combat morning sickness.  Diet plays a large part in alleviating morning sickness as well.  Please feel free to ask if you need some assistance with your pregnancy food plan.

The second trimester is when the back really starts to feel the extra strain of pregnancy and massage can help tremendously with that as well as relieving leg cramping that comes along with it.

In the final and third trimester, a woman is feeling the full physical effects in all of her body.  Massage therapy not only prepares pelvic muscles for the birth process but it reduces swelling and edema and assists with better sleep in addition to the benefits already mentioned.

Getting regular massages throughout your entire pregnancy will help stimulate blood flow and increase flexibility as well as muscle tone helping to prevent leg cramps and muscle spasms.  In addition, massage helps reduce anxiety, fight depression and studies have shown that it improves labor outcomes and health of newborns.  G-Spa Massage Therapy is trained and experienced to provide the very best in prenatal massage.


Treating PTSD With Massage

If you are not familiar with the acronym PTSD, it stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD comes from a result of witnessing or experiencing a severe trauma and not being able to move forward from this trauma but rather reliving it again and again in your mind.  PTSD can lead to a number of extremely life disturbing side effects including chronic pain and fatigue, feelings of detachment and difficulty sleeping.

While these symptoms come as a result from imbalances of brain chemicals triggered by the emotional stress caused by the PTSD, many individuals experiencing these issues would rather deal with them in a more natural way instead of just using prescription drugs to mask the problem. 

Massage therapy can be very helpful in reducing the anxiety caused by PTSD.    Massage eases the physical pain and relaxes the muscles along with the mind to start a cycle of healing.  It improves circulation which in turn helps with improving sleep patterns.  In addition, the nurturing touch of massage therapy is very beneficial in combatting the disconnection that is felt and restoring a sense of human connection.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the symptoms of PTSD, please contact G-Spa Massage to discuss how massage can be a part of your recovery.


Drop the Droop

A new year means a chance to start fresh.  It means a burst of new resolve.  It’s all about making resolutions or getting back to those things that we know are good for us and that we sometimes lose sight of along the way.

Not too many of you probably put “improve my posture” at the top of your list but maybe you didn’t realize how important it is.  Most people are not aware of how much bad posture actually contributes to being and feeling unhealthy.

Did you know that straightening up your posture can actually improve your mood and fight depression leading to an increase in energy? Good posture involves facing forward, keeping your head centered over your shoulders and lifting your head along with good back support when sitting.

Poor posture can actually affect the way that people perceive you which can have detrimental effects on your career, not to mention your social life.  It makes you appear heavier, contributes to constipation and can even lead to an earlier grave.

Slouching cuts off your circulation which can increase blood pressure and the risk of varicose veins.  Open shoulders and straight spines help improve the flow of oxygen into your body and allows you to breathe more deeply.

Good posture and massage therapy go hand in hand.  Regular massage opens up and relaxes tight muscles.  It allows the body to fall into proper alignment making good posture more natural.  It decreases pain which can cause you to contort and overcompensate with other body parts which in turn leads to poor posture.  It also opens up air flow into the lungs which allows the ribs to properly move for inhalation and exhalation.

Be sure to be conscious of your posture starting today.


Massage Can Help With Holiday Stress

The holidays – as wonderful as they can be – are also a very stressful time of year for many people.  Stress affects your body in many more ways than you might imagine!  Stress lowers your immunity making you more susceptible to a winter cold or the flu.  Stress elevates your blood pressure, plays a role in anxiety, depression and panic/mood disorders, and can even contribute to postural imbalances.  Perhaps one of the most concerning effects of stress is what it does to your endocrine system.  It can cause such a powerful imbalance in hormones that regulate your bodily functions that your adrenal glands go through stages of degeneration resulting in a range of side effects such as sleep disturbances, weight gain, digestive issues, fatigue, loss of sex drive, joint pain and memory loss.

Massage therapy is a perfect solution in helping reduce stress in your life. It slows down your heart rate which lowers your blood pressure and in turn slows down your breathing.  It empties your mind and releases tight and overworked muscles allowing the stress to flow out of you.

G-Spa Massage Clinic LLC combines a combination of therapeutic and deep tissue massage with gentle stretches to help you combat stress.  In addition, G-Spa uses hot and cold therapy during the session along with preventative care homework to continue your journey of health and wellness.  Our client, Anna P. had this to say about our techniques, “I was very stressed out before my run this weekend (10K Saturday followed by a half marathon Sunday) so I went to G-Spa Massage Clinic to get a knot-removing, stress-busting deep tissue massage. Not only did the massage help me get physically prepared, the positive attitude and encouragement helped me fight mentally through those long hot miles. Thanks so much G-Spa!”

Make sure you make massage part of your self-care routine this month!