Endorphins and Massage

Endorphins and Massage

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We’ve all heard that exercise releases endorphins, but did you know that massage can do that as well? Massage has been shown to assist with the body’s production and regulation of hormones. This can lead to a number of mood enhancing benefits. Depression and anxiety can be managed by massage. The release of endorphins also increases mood levels, further assisting in alleviating depression. Through the body’s peripheral nervous system, endorphins are released throughout the body. With specialized massage treatment, problem areas are targeted and both physical and psychological relief is experienced.

Incidentally, it has been shown that people suffering from chronic fatigue disorder experience relief from depression and sleep problems when treating with massage therapy. Since regular, quality sleep is also a great combatant against depression, this is an indirect benefit to receiving regular massage therapy.

Specifically, acupuncture and trigger point therapy are massage techniques that create endorphins, which can lead to an increase of both energy and relaxation. These endorphins act as natural painkillers and mood elevators. In addition, this can help lower chronic stress levels in the body.

May is also Love Yourself month. Taking care of yourself through massage therapy and even gifting it to others can create a sense of ease and satisfaction in one’s life. Mother’s day is coming up, so be sure to consider gifting a massage as a gift! Since massage therapy specifically aids in healing, mood management, relaxation, and tension relief, this makes it the perfect gift for a mother.

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