Chair Massage Reduces Workplace Stress

All across the country in every type of industry, chair massage can be used as an incentive and as a stress management tool as competitive times call for longer hours and heavier loads for employees at every level.

Sitting or standing for prolonged periods can cause back pain, repetitive motions can cause injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and each job may offer its own unique set of stresses both physical and mental.  A massage for as little as ten to twenty minutes, offered at your place of employment, can relieve tension in the shoulders, neck and back, lift morale, reduce stress and irritability  and elevate moods.

Studies show that the benefits of a “stress-buster” chair massage are quick and beneficial.  Not only does the employee experience the side effects listed above but alertness is heightened and performance is better resulting in quicker, more accurate results.  Considering that job stress costs the economy in the United States more than $200 billion annually through multiple methods including diminished productivity, this is good news.   It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Chair massage combines acupressure and Swedish massage, beginning at a slow pace and ending with quick revitalizing strokes in order to restore full awareness and energy.

G-Spa Massage Clinic offers on the spot chair massages performed at your work place.  Employees are seated upright and remain fully clothed.  No oils are used and they are able to immediately return to work.  The chair is lightweight and portable and can be set up in any office or room that is available.  Our trained massage therapists will demonstrate the proper posture while on the chair and the method for getting on and off the chair should some of your employees not be familiar with its use.

If your employees are over-stressed and you would like to reward them after a demanding project or just to say thank you for their everyday efforts, book a day of chair massage and you will all reap the benefits.